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Tongue-Tie? Mouth-breathing? Difficulty Swallowing? Shifting teeth? Snoring? TMJ? Chronic Headaches? Articulation Problems? We offer tailored solutions for these issues. Take charge of your well-being — schedule your appointment now!
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Welcome to our practice, where we specialize in empowering you to regain control over essential functions like breathing, swallowing, and sleeping patterns. With over 28 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Sylvia led her own successful dental practice for 27 years, fostering deep connections with her patients. Inspired by the transformative results she witnessed, Dr. Sylvia transitioned her focus to Orofacial Myology, driven by her passion for helping others. Marlene, hailing from Austria with a background in Physical Therapy, brings a unique perspective to our practice. Having personally experienced severe TMJ blockage, Marlene discovered the profound impact Orofacial Myology can have on various issues. Entranced by its potential, she has dedicated herself to this field since relocating to Colorado four years ago. Together, we offer a range of services aimed at addressing oral health issues and improving overall well-being. From breathing and swallowing challenges to sleep disorders, we are committed to guiding you towards optimal oral health and vitality.
Sylvia Talavera DDS & Marlene Talavera BSc
Orofacial Myologists


We can help you!

  • Tongue Tie
  • Tongue Thrust
  • Sleep Problems & Snoring
  • Low Facial Tonus
  • Mouthbreathing
  • Fatigue
  • Messy Eating Habits
  • Jaw/Neck/Shoulder Pain
  • Enlarged Tonsils/Adenoids
  • Orthodontic Preparation/Relapse


  • Orofacial Myology

Insurance Accepted

  • Payment due in full on Day of Service
  • Superbill for Insurance can be provided


  • Initial Evaluation 1 hour: $255
  • Re-education 30 minutes: $95
  • Consultation: $45
  • Infant Initial Evaluation 30 min: $130
  • Infant Follow-Up 15 min: $50


Where to find us:

Integrated Orofacial Myology

1531 Urban St
LAKEWOOD, CO 80215-2573

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